February 2nd - MidAmerican Energy Rebates

May 3rd - Central Iowa IES Spring Social

June 22nd - Controlling LEDs to Meet Customer Expectations

August 22nd - Central Iowa IES Annual Golf Outing

December 7th - IEC 2015 Changes vs IECC 2012


March 2nd - Central Iowa IES Spring Social

April 12th - LMs and TMs and Standards

June 14th - Tunable White Lighting Systems

August 16th - Biologically Focused Lighting

August 30th - Central Iowa IES Annual Golf Outing

October 11th - Light and Color with LEDs

November 9th - Central Iowa IES Fall Social


January 24th - DOE SSL Explorations into Color Tuning

February 22nd - Central Iowa IES 1st Annual Product Showcase

March 22nd - Relative Brightness Depends on Melanopic Content

April 19th - Lighting Historic Places – Lighting from 1860-1940 in American Buildings

June 19th - Narrow Spectrum Lighting for Healthcare, Research & Cleanroom Applications

August 21st - Central Iowa IES 4th Annual Golf Outing

September 13th - Fall Social


February 21st - 2nd Annual Product Showcase

May 30th - Lighten Up

August 22nd - Central Iowa IES 2019 Annual Golf Outing

September 11th - Biologically Focused Lighting – The Truth About Circadian Lighting

November 21st - Central Iowa IES Social


February 20th - Central Iowa IES Social