C.E.U Speaker

Relative Brightness Depends on Melanopic Content

Speaker: Brad Schlesselman, LC
Senior Research Engineer
Musco Lighting

- Describe why the illuminance meter is not correlated with brightness perception
- Explain the importance of the newly discovered iprgc (Melanopic) receptor in vision
- Explain metamerism
- Apply the "True Brightness" formula for two known SPD's to achieve equal brightness, for a known photopic illuminance.

Thursday: March 22nd, 2018
11:00am CST to 1:00pm CST


Lighting Historic Places – Lighting from 1860-1940 in American Buildings

Speaker: Gary Behm
St. Louis Antique Lighting

- Why using/specifying historic lighting for historic buildings is important.
- How one goes about learning what kind of light to use in a given historic building.
- Where to search for information on lighting historic buildings
- What kind of finishes were used during the various style periods.
- How to specify the restoration and replication of historic lighting.

Thursday: April 19th, 2018
11:30am CST to 1:00pm CST


IES Luminaire Design Competition & Gala Dinner

Join us in this exciting nationwide social event to conceptually and physically create your own luminaire during a friendly design competition and dinner. This event will occur across the country and will be hosted by your local IES section. All those within the lighting industry are invited to attend.

Thursday: May 24th, 2018

Where: TBD

4th Annual Golf Outing

Central Iowa IES 4th Annual Golf Outing

August 2018
4-man best shot

More Details to Come.